Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Yes, that was a Lambo legally flashing down the autostrada at 235 km/h! If you were travelling north on the E35 earlier this month, the pale blue Lamborghini Huracan filled your rear vision mirror, and then disappeared from view seconds later.

The reason the speed was 'street-legal' was because the Huracan is one of five Lamborghinis used by the Italian Strada Polizia for regular traffic duty, but in this case it was delivering a donor kidney from Roma to Padua, via Firenze and Bologna.

The officers made the 490km journey in just over two hours, with the kidney residing in a special refrigerated compartment in the 'frunk', handing it over to specialists at the Gemelli University Hospital. Just for the record, travelling at the maximum speed limits, that's usually a five and a half hour trip.

It could ONLY happen in Italy!

John Crawford

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