Tuesday, August 23, 2022


It’s fast approaching the 12-year anniversary of starting DRIVING & LIFE and I’ve covered a lot of distance in that time with a huge variety of cars, most times thanks to my good friend Paul Gover (who’s now on the editorial team at drive.com.au).


The Blog has morphed into a personal car magazine for me with driving impressions, technical features, political comment and observations based on a 40+ year career in and around cars.


I started, like many, with Dinky Toys and a tricycle.

Then, probably unsurprisingly, joining the ranks of automotive journalists before starting a long career in the automotive industry in 1977, after completing the Singapore Airlines London-to-Sydney Car Rally – the longest in modern history – 30,000km through 30 countries, in 30 days.

Along the way the most important thing I’ve collected are great friendships with a huge variety of car people, some fabulous driving experiences and been exposed to some great technology. All of which has combined to give me some critical insights to developments in the auto industry which inform the Blog.


I really enjoy research, bringing my friends into the orbit of the Blog and most importantly of all, putting plenty of rubber on the road whilst writing the words.

In the last 12 years there are a lot of cars which I remember fondly, so I’ve gathered a couple of collages of my favoutites.

Not sure how long the Blog has in its tank, but it seems that there’s always something new happening which snags my attention – so you’ll have to put up with me for a while longer. Thanks for hanging around with me, I’ve really enjoyed it.



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