Thursday, February 4, 2021


You've heard of SUPERBOWL, right? It's America's version of football, telecast nationally, and a magnet for Brands to launch new products; new ideas; or, old products with a new look (that's right - same old, same old).

General Motors has obviously decided that it's exactly the right time and place to start 'selling the idea' of Americans buying more electric vehicles, so it's tapped into the national love affair with comedian Will Ferrell, to produce a series of three 'teasers' leading up to SUPERBOWL on February 7.

I have no idea why the ad copy 'attacks' Norway, because it's a very nice country, populated by very nice people - but maybe the reason is Americans are generally not big on nuance, subtlety or irony, so it's best to have a 'good guy' and a 'bad guy' (white hat-black hat), to make following along much easier in their obviously time-poor daily lives.

However, (and the ad makes no mention of it), Norway pays massive government subsidies to its population to embrace EVs en masse.

Not that I can see that happening in the USA, any time soon, as it battles with its multi-trillion dollar public debt, created by the badly-managed COVID response.

However, I will admit the concept is humorous, in a very American way, and may, just may (?) earn some 'cut-through'.

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