Saturday, September 12, 2020

FROM A BOX IN THE ATTIC by John Crawford

 My good friend in the UK who sent me the photo of 'Poggio Bartoli', the former Medici hunting lodge near Vecchio, has recently been 'tidying up' in his attic, and in an old cardboard box of memorabilia came across, in his words 'a scruffy bit of paper', whose value today I think could even top the sale price of his former vacation home in Tuscany.

He told me proudly: "I collected all these at Cheshunt, and the 1965 Racing Car Show at Olympia."

"I haven’t done the sums accurately but I think there are about 10 World Championship wins, over 100 Grand Prix wins, and maybe 6 Indie wins all on that one piece of scruffy paper."

John Crawford

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